Weekday Life

Hi Everyone!! It’s been super hectic! In November I no longer have to work weekends & holidays!! I’ve left my previous position of an Administrative Assistant in the NICU and taken on a Unit Manager position in the clinic. Working in the clinic you only work Monday thru Friday.

So how I have been liking my new work schedule?

I love it! I have more time for social events and to have a social life. It is very different from what I’m used to, but I am very happy with my new work schedule. When I’m able to attend to family events and spend time with them on holidays it reminds me of what really matters.

I do miss working in the hospital and the adrenaline rush, but it was time to move forward. It’s important to be structured and go to bed at the appropriate time in order to allow your body to rest and ready for the next workday.

I’m still going through the adjust phase, but I’m excited for this new chapter and to get started on projects and opportunities to learn and grow as a professional!

$80 Sprouts Grocery Haul

Hellooo! Did a little grocery shopping for the next 10-14 days. I decided to go to Sprouts since they had some nice deals on fruits!

Some veggies to make with my ground turkey and make turkey burritos! They were delish!

This was something new I saw and had to pick it up. It tastes very yummy. For me I couldn’t really taste the cauliflower, my friend said she could slightly taste it. They are a must try!

Bought the spinach based for my turkey burrito later this week.

I’ve been really enjoying Amy’s cheese enchiladas and they are such an easy and quick “meal prep”. I didn’t have any quinoa or brown rice so ended up using some jasmine rice. I don’t eat the entire portion I place of the rice, just a little bit. If I’m lazy and don’t feel like prepare lunch for the next two work days this has been my go to prep.

I always love seeing grocery hauls and hope this gave you some inspo or ideas on what to possibly get. We all have our preferences on groceries and ingredients πŸ™‚

Healthy Summer Morning Habits/Morning Routine

Good Morning!! Today I wanted to post my morning routine more specifically for those of us who do not work from home. This is how I like to start my working mornings and it took some time for me to figure out which works best for me!

I am not the type of person and have never been the type of person who sets multiple alarms to get up in the morning. I’ve always gotten up on the first alarm. Now with that being said, I am human at the end of the day and have had a few times where I fell right back asleep or sleep through my alarm (my body is telling me I need to rest more). Overall once my alarm goes off I’m up:

  • I turn off my alarm
  • Brush Teeth/Wash Face
  • Drink Lemon Water or One Cup of Water/ Tea. Depending on what I’m feeling that morning I may or may not squeeze fresh lemon in my water, but I will have a cup of water before drinking my tea. I will add my Vital Proteins Collagen Powder to my tea then go on with my skin care routine.

I put on my Murad Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil and let it sit on my face close to 5 minutes before putting on my moisturizer.

I will then turn on a Podcast whether it is a Spiritual or Self-Care one and listen to it while I do my make-up and get dressed. I usually listen to either Joyce Meyer or Kalyn’s Coffee Talk as I am getting ready. Other than turning off my alarm or turning on a podcast I do not touch my phone during the morning.

Xo Caligal

RosΓ© Day L.A.

Last weekend was the 2nd Annual RosΓ© Day in Malibu, CA. I was skeptical about how the weather was going to turn out since it has been so gloomy and kinda cold. The sun came out and it was HOT! I went last year to this event as well and in my opinion its a nice event to attend with girls for a few hours. You can tell the coordinators put in a lot of effort and dedication to putting this day together. Ticket prices for pre-sale were both the same last year and this year ($65). Below are some pros and cons in my opinion/experience.

Anyone else who went to this event? πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ xo CaliGal πŸ’›

Stress Anxiety Food

Hey Everyone!
It’s been a hot minute! I wanted to write about Stress Anxiety and Food today. Recently I’ve had a lot of stress and anxiety. As a result it has affected my eating habit. I’ve been really focused on work and projects I have going on the past couple of months. I’ve been waiting for feedback and because of the waiting process I’ve been stressed and anxious. All the stress and anxiety has affected my appetite unfortunately.

I remember when I was taking anatomy course in college I would get so stressed out for the exam that I would lose my appetite. I’d take my exam or practicum of the day, step out of the classroom and it would hit me hard that I’m starving and dizzy. I’d go straight to the cafeteria and get myself noodles to eat. This is sooo unhealthy !!! First, I was keeping my body from nutrients I need on the daily. Second, I was making unhealthy food choices because at that moment I just wanted to eat and my choices were usually carbs. No Bueno….

Over the years I’ve learned how to managed through stressful and anxious times. These techniques are ones I’ve discovered for myself. Everyone is different and should do what works best for them.

1) Breath: Take a deep breath
2) Understand: Usually there is nothing we can do about a situation or when we are in a waiting phase.
3) Go for a walk: I usually will go for a walk or if I feel like driving, I’ll go spend some time at the beach.
4) Food: With the way I am it is usually hard for me to eat a meal. I’ve learned that I can snack when I’m stressed out or anxious. I make healthy decision with my snacks. I’ll have a yogurt or scrambled eggs for breakfast usually. Throughout the day I can eat fruits, avocado, nuts. During dinner time I’ll put together a quick mixed green salad with fruits and if I have canned protein with low sodium I’ll toss that in the salad as well. Also remember to stay HYDRATED!! This way I’m not starving for days like I usually did during my early years of college AND at the same time I’m snacking and they are healthy!

Most of the time things are not in the control of our hands, but in the control of the universe. Don’t neglect your temple (body) by consuming it of stress or anxiety. Feel the emotions, accept them, but don’t let it control over your life. XO SimplyCaliGal