I can’t believe a month ago I was in Greece !!
In September I spent two amazing weeks in Greece. I went with Contiki Travels. For those of you who don’t know what Contiki is, it is for people who enjoy Solo Traveling between the ages 18-35 years old. They have over 300 trips! I had gone to New York with them a couple years ago and had the time of my life!

We started out in Athens as you can see in the next couple of pictures below. I enjoyed the history and views!!

This bottom photo was taken from the rooftop of our Athens Hotel.

We next hopped on over to Mykonos which is where I had the most time partying with my new friends and having dinners next to the ocean.

Santorini was beautiful! It felt like you were walking through a movies, the views were breathtaking!


The last island we went to was IOS. There were so many water activities to do on this island and I made sure to do them!

I’ve felt depressed being back home lol. Life is so different and my two weeks flew by! I can not express how important it is to take some time off from work and daily life and enjoy traveling. For me it is a de-stresses me and resets me mentally.

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Good Evening Friends!

Being that I was born and raised in California I had never heard of the city Big Sur. In addition, I had never even heard of Esalen. I came across Esalen in December of 2018. 2018 itself had been a very difficult year for me, I was on Accutane, graduating college, looking for a career, doing an administrative internship, and dealing with life issues. I had many ups and downs during 2018 emotionally. Even though Accutane changed my skin and I love it, it really had me go through a roller-coaster ride with my emotions. I was easily agitated, snapped quickly, couldn’t get out of bed in the morning I mean that literally, had moments of depressions. In a nutshell I struggled a lot last year and wanted to get my strength back as I was getting off of Accutane and learn about self-love.

I had been practicing yoga for a few years and had heard about Yoga Retreats but didn’t know of any around. One evening I googled “Yoga Retreats in California” and Esalen came up. As I went through the website and saw the unbeliveable pictures I felt the connection to do a yoga retreat at this place. Esalen offers many different types of workshops for different topics. I didn’t think twice and signed up for a weekend Yoga Retreat for January 2019. I wanted to start my New Year this way.

California had rain pouring during this time. There was many mudslides and roads closed due to flooding. In fact I remember Esalen e-mailing me the night before and saying if I wanted to cancel I could due to the rain and road closures that lead to Esalen. My brother strongly encouraged me to cancel and “wait for the summer” to go. Being the stubborn girl I am I said, NO. I am going, I will take a longer route (an extra 60 miles in addition to the near 300 miles I already had to drive), but I am going.

Many hours later on a Friday I arrived to Esalen and automatically I felt at peace. The views and the energy at Esalen is unexplainable. I tell my friends and family, you won’t understand until you spend a weekend there. At Esalen they give you three meals a day. Everything they serve is organic and from their garden. Yes, they have their own garden where they grow fruits and vegetables. They have options for any diet. Regular, Vegetarian and Vegan.

Esalen is home to the hot springs, the water is nice and hot and come naturally from the mountains the property is near. They also have massage services where you can schedule for yourself to get a massage (I highly recommend it). Here is something else……THERE IS NO INTERNET AT ESALEN! You only can get WiFi at the dining area, but WiFi is closed during Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. It forces you to speak to people who are sitting around you and make friends. There are people of all ages and from different parts of the country.

I had an amazing time during my first visit at Esalen in January, in fact I loved it so much that I went back in six months later in June! This time I did a workshop called, “The Psychology of Chakras” with Coral Brown and she is amazing!!

I’ve told myself I want to come at least once a years, ideally I’d like to come twice. Once for a full weekend of Yoga and one for a fully weekend of a topic that interests me.

Below are pictures mainly from my second visit.

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