Sunday in My Life

I’ve come to discover I like my Sundays to go in a specific way. Start the AM with a Yoga Class. Meet up with friends or family for brunch. Grab coffee at a local coffee shop. Prepare lunch for Monday. End the day with doing nothing and watching TV 😊

This past Sunday I did only three of these items I listed. I spent the beautiful afternoon having brunch at Catch LA. I have to say it was an experience! I had heard of this place, but never had the opportunity to go until a few days ago. If I were to describe it in one word it would be BEAUTIFUL! The place is an absolute gorgeous place to take pictures. My friend and I spent a good 45 minutes taking pictures!

This is the short hallway you walk to get to the hostess, but a must to stop and take pictures

We both had the Salmon brunch plate and the fries. It was delicious. I mean at the end I had nothing left on my plate so that says a lot. Yummy Yummy Yummy! The fries here were delicious!

We then decided to wander the streets of Melrose…before more pictures we wanted…NO NEEDED COFFEE. Walked into Coffee Dose Melrose. It is a cute little coffee shop with delish coffee! Their almond milk is on another level! I’ve never tasted almond milk like that before, it’s almost like the almonds are roasted. Soooo gooodddd!! A must try if you decide to wander the streets of Melrose in the future! Aside from their coffee being delish….their staff are one of the nicest I’ve come across! We sat at the little bar section they had for a good 15minutes and enjoyed the atmosphere.

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