Hi Friends!!

If I’ve not already mentioned in one of my posts already I’m a Yogi and love practicing yoga. This past weekend during one of the hot yoga classes my instructor brought to our attention by saying, “Are you content with wherever you are in your pose or even life now?” That statement stuck with me during the entire practice and weekend. Most of us are usually looking get to a destination or a goal that we have set for ourselves. Many times we forget or ignore the journey we are on to getting to the goal we have set.

I for one am guilty of not being content with wherever I am in life. My career has been the topic I’ve been struggling with the most. Constantly applying for different jobs, getting a telephone interview, an in person interview here and there and at the end no job offer. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been so focused on transitioning into a different position than the one I hold now and I have not been content.


Since Saturday these three words have been what I’ve been mediating, digesting, and focusing on. Accepting where I am as far as my career goes. This does not mean I will stop applying, but it’s a reminder that I should be thankful for my current job that helps my pay rent, bills, and gives me the ability to join social events. I am healthy and have a job. Many people don’t have either a good health nor a good paying job. But I do and I am content with it. When the right position and time comes my way things will start unfolding like a blossoming rose.


Don’t forget to count your blessings, accept what you currently have because there is someone out there who wishes they have what you do. Be content where you are in life, work, love, goals and etc.


NAMASTE 🙏💛🧘‍♀️

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