$80 Sprouts Grocery Haul

Hellooo! Did a little grocery shopping for the next 10-14 days. I decided to go to Sprouts since they had some nice deals on fruits! The below picture is everything I bought.

Some veggies to make with my ground turkey and make turkey burritos! They were delish!

This was something new I saw and had to pick it up. It tastes very yummy. For me I couldn’t really taste the cauliflower, my friend said she could slightly taste it. They are a must try!

Bought the spinach based for my turkey burrito later this week.

I’ve been really enjoying Amy’s cheese enchiladas and they are such an easy and quick “meal prep”. I didn’t have any quinoa or brown rice so ended up using some jasmine rice. I don’t eat the entire portion I place of the rice, just a little bit. If I’m lazy and don’t feel like prepare lunch for the next two work days this has been my go to prep.

I always love seeing grocery hauls and hope this gave you some inspo or ideas on what to possibly get. We all have our preferences on groceries and ingredients 🙂

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