Love You

What do you see when you look at the mirror? Are you criticizing yourself? Are you finding imperfections? Are you comparing yourself to other people? Are you wishing your eye were bigger, your eyelashes were longer, your body was slimmer?


Look in the mirror and see how amazing you are! In this world filled with social media and expectations people continue to portray be the one that stands out. Stay original, stay you!!

For a long time I looked at myself in the mirror and just criticized myself. Looking at everything I would want to change. The older I got, the more I realized I need to accept and love me for who I am. If I can’t see how amazing of a person I am, how am I to expect other people will see Ms. Awesome that I am?

Do this for the next week, who care about it being in the middle of the week. Start tomorrow morning for a week straight, wake up in the morning, do your morning hygiene, then take one minute to look at your self in the mirror. Look yourself in the eyes and say out loud one positive statement about yourself. Make that statement with belief and love, and live through it for the entire day.

Feel free to come back to this post and write about your experience next week!

Much love ~ Mary 💛

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